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Gluten Free Experience in Venice

In the end of May I went to Venice for 3 days. Venice always was one of my dream cities to visit and was absolutely amazing. It’s a beautiful place and the weather was perfect. Today I share with you my gluten free experience in Venice.

Before the trip I searched in blogs and the AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia) website all the options that I could find there and be prepared to try all the good Italian food. The AIC also have an app very similar to UK counterpart. We can register for free and get access to their list of restaurants, shops and hotels.

Italy is well known for their food: pasta, pizza and ice cream, and I’ve tried everything.

Lets start with the ice cream. Grom is a gelateria where everything is gluten free. You can eat the ice cream in a cup or in a cone (also gluten free and very tasty and crunchy). They also have some bakery, you can find more information about them here.

First lunch was at Osteria Pozzo Roverso, close to Piazza San Marco. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we ate outside and I had a Vongole Spaghetti. It was very tasty, great gluten free pasta and a delicious sauce. Also in the first day we found a small shop only with gluten free stuff: Mea Libera Tutti Sas (Cannaregio, 3763,30121 Venice, Italy). I couldn’t bring with me a lot of things but I’ve tried the Burano biscuits and they have plenty choice of pastas, sweets, bread, and other products.

In Murano we went to B Restaurant – Alla Vecchia Pescheria and I had a Salada Capresse and a Salmon and Cream gluten free pasta. At night, for the first time I ate gluten free Raviolis at Ristorante pizzeria Al Tintoretto. On the last day I had octopus salad and Vongole Spaghetti at Al Giardinetto da Severino.

I only ate pizza one time, it was in Mestre at dinner at the Ristorante Al Corso. I had melon with parma ham as starter and Pizza 4 formaggi.

Now enjoy some of the pictures.


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